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University of California, Berkeley

Agroecology  ESPM 118

Fall 2008


Professor Miguel A Altieri

215 Mulford

Office Hours: T and Th 2-3 pm

642 9802



Graduate Student Instructor: Patrick Archie


Office hours: Mondays 3:30 to 5:30 pm and by appointment, 25 Hilgard




Course Schedule and Topics outline




         28 Introduction to the course



 2 The ecological crisis of modern agriculture and the global food crisis  

 4 Biotechnology and biofuels: social and environmental implications

 9 Video and discussion on the agricultural crisis

11 Agroecology: origins, concepts and scope

16 Ecological processes in agroecosystems

18 Ecological role of biodiversity in agroecosystems

23 Biodiversity and pest management in agroecosystems 

25 Ecological basis of weed management

30 Ecological basis of plant disease management




 2 Topics in soil ecology and management

 7 Videos and discussion

 9 Traditional agriculture and indigenous knowledge systems

14 ...continuation

16 Organic agriculture: extent, impacts, challenges

21 Agroecological basis for the conversion to organic farming

23 Agroecosystem diversification strategies (polycultures, agroforestry, crop rotations, cover cropping, etc.)

28 ...continuation

30 Applying agroecology to small farm development in the Third World 





4  ...continuation

6  Videos and discussion

11 Holiday

13 Participatory agroecosystem analysis methods

18 Assessing the sustainability of agricultural systems

20 Challenges and opportunities for the agriculture of the XXI century

25 ...continuation

27  Holiday




 Final Discussion

4  Final papers due



Course Requirements

Reading Assignments

Course Grading

Student Research Projects

Articles and websites of interest

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